Welcome to Shikha’s World❤️

Hey! Welcome to Shikha’s World! I’m Shikha, a Nepalese beauty blogger on Instagram. The reason why I created this site is to further explore the beauty of makeup. One of my dreams is to be a model, and becoming one is not as easy as it may seem. So I thought I should try this first.

Some of my looks are :


And as an aspiring model, here are some pictures I took while I was in Okinawa:


All of the pictures above are from my Instagram, for those whose interested, visit @official_shikhasworld ❤️

That’s it on my introduction, I’m gonna post more about my looks/routines and my lifestyle in the future. Thank you so much for reading!



The Evening of Miss International

The night of Miss International was a blast! I was so excited the whole time! I went with a friend and wore these beautiful dresses as you can see below. What do you think about my look? 🙂

I sincerely congratulate Miss Indonesia Kevin Lilliana. The runner ups which were, Miss Curacao Chanelle Wilhelmina Maria, Miss Venezuela Diana Macarena Croce García, Miss Australia Amber Dew and Miss Japan Natsuki Tsutsui. I hope you to be an inspiration to people of all ages. Congratulations!

Exciting night in Tokyo Dome

Yesterday evening was like a dream. I met Miss Niti Shah or Miss Nepal and I still couldn’t believe it! I’m grinning from ear to ear while writing this😊

So this is what happened. I waited at Tokyo Dome Hotel for an hour and a half. It was so hard to wait but finally all of the contestants appeared. I took a video the moment I saw her and called her name. She smiled and waved. She came to me and asked if I was a Nepali and I said, “Yes! Nepali!”. She hugged me so many times while talking to me and I couldn’t resist my smile 😝 She was so kind and I’m just lucky to meet her ❤️


It was such an extraordinary night.  Meeting the contestants themselves, seeing them from face to face and taking pictures with them was like a dream come true! They were all so beautiful 😍 I’m so thankful for having a chance to meet them! I wish them good luck for the competition ❤️

Thank you for reading 🙂

Love, Shikha ❤️


Q&A pt.1


Are you single or taken?

. I am taken for almost 2&half years❤️



Is makeup your profession or hobby??

. actually right now, its only my hobby🙈 but i would like to take it as my work after i finish my studies❤️

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